Great photos from 2014 display!

Photographer Chris Weedon returned to the fields of Langley Park School for Girls for the third year running and has yet again produced a stunning array of photographs from the display.   You can see his 2012 and 2013 work here and here respectively.

The damp conditions have added a certain ethereal quality to his work and we think that they are superb.

Knightsoffire2014-3 (1) Knightsoffire2014-8 Knightsoffire2014-10 (1) Knightsoffire2014-25 (1) Knightsoffire2014-28 (1) Knightsoffire2014-39 Knightsoffire2014-53 (1) Knightsoffire2014-64 (1) Knightsoffire2014-70 (1)